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Natural Skincare for Pregnancy

Natural Skincare for Pregnancy

So many things change when you become a mother- and this starts the moment you become pregnant.

As much as we are firm advocates for self-care and me time, our instincts begin to shift when we are pregnant. Motherhood means that it’s no longer just us that our decisions have an impact. What we eat, what we drink, and what we place on our skin suddenly requires additional thought. If we choose to apply toxins or harsh chemicals to our skin, there’s a large chance that those chemicals could end up reaching our baby too.

There’s a great deal of uncertainty surrounding what should and shouldn’t be applied topically when pregnant. Given that there are no clear guidelines nor certifications surrounding pregnancy safe skincare and beauty products, it’s worth acting with caution when selecting your pregnancy beauty routine. This in mind, you should always consult with your pregnancy healthcare team if you are struggling to navigate the skincare market or have any specific questions.

There have been very few studies conducted into the effects of harsh, synthetic skincare on an unborn child, which is why many pregnant women choose to reduce or remove irritants and synthetic ingredients from their skincare routine, embracing natural skincare. Choosing natural alternatives to the strong, often harsh active ingredients found in many mainstream skincare products, allows you to keep reaping the benefits of an effective skincare routine without the guesswork. Sukin’s famous “NO” list extends across the entire product range, meaning you can be confident that any Sukin natural product you choose to use during (or before, or after!) your pregnancy will be completely free from petrolatum, mineral oils, harsh detergents, sulphates or synthetic fragrances.

We’ve all heard about the “pregnancy glow,” but the reality of pregnancy is that our hormones can really wreak havoc on the skin. Many women complain of dryness and irritation caused by increased circulation, whilst changes in hormones can result in hormonal acne. For either of these skin conditions, it’s important to focus on strengthening your skin’s natural barrier by choosing products that nourish and give back to the skin, rather than stripping it of its all-important natural, protective oils- yet another reason to choose natural products during pregnancy, rather than harsh chemical-filled skincare.

The same principles apply when we have young children. Cuddles, kisses and even playtime lead to our skin pressing against our children, with any harsh chemicals we’ve applied potentially transferring- plus, in a pinch, many mothers have to reach for their own hair and body washes to look after their kids! If your products are natural and free from known irritants, this shouldn’t be an issue. Young skin is at its most sensitive and vulnerable, so running the risk of exposing it to synthetics and irritants simply isn’t worth it. The reason so many women make the switch to natural skincare during their pregnancy is because it takes the guesswork out of it. Mothers have enough things on their plate, so a simple switch to Sukin, who are simplifying skincare, should help you focus on what really matters.