Hair Detox #10WashChallenge


Everyone is guilty of forming a slight addiction to big soapy suds, squeaky-clean hair & unnaturally smooth locks.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry we have ALL been there.

At Sukin we believe that good hair days should come naturally! That’s why we are challenging our fellow Americans to take part in our #10WashChallenge and detox from synthetic haircare.

Just like any detox, one-wash will not absolve you from the build-up of synthetic nasties, our hair detox challenge is a process. But trust us when we say the grass is most definitely greener on the other side.

What we say NO to...

We know that natural haircare can sometimes feel a little different…and that’s okay! It’s because we say NO to a lot of ingredients that synthetic brands say ‘yes’ to.

So, don’t be surprised if you do not feel big bubbly suds like your regular shampoo, or if your ends don’t feel unnaturally slippery & silky like usual.

That is because our haircare is free from Sulphates (harsh detergents) and Silicones (hair coating nasties) that cleanse away essential oils from the hair and scalp, while giving your locks the false illusion of shine and hydration.

Instead at Sukin we use gentle plant based cleansers to keep the good oils in and the bad oils out. While natural ingredients hydrate and nourish, so you can let your natural hair shine.

why make the switch?

In just 10 washes you will have successfully shed all those synthetic nasties that have been weighing your hair down.

Plus you can feel confident that you are making the switch to a haircare brand that makes being ‘good’ easy. Our haircare will not only give you good hair days, but is biodegradable, cruelty free, vegan & carbon neutral – so great for our planet too!

We guarantee that your hair will thank you for making the switch to Sukin haircare and reward you with hydrated, nourished and naturally healthier looking locks!