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Our top tips for staying connected

Our top tips for staying connected

Working from home and self-isolating is now our new normal. While we’re not together physically it’s important to remember to stay connected with not only your loved ones but with yourself – and our digital world is the best way to do this! Although a little stressful, it’s also the perfect time to slow down and really give yourself the TLC you deserve!

Claudia from our Digital Team has put together her top tips on how she’s staying inspired, positive and connected.

1. Video call your friends and family

Video calls are the best way to engage and hang out with your loved ones. Apps like HouseParty will let you chat with as many people as you can fit on the screen, play games and have a laugh! Now is the perfect time to teach Grandma and Grandpa how to FaceTime. Missing Friday night drinks with your colleagues? Arrange a video call for 4 pm with the team to catch up on the week – wine in hand of course!

2. Stay active

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to stay healthy (and stay sane!). This is the perfect time to roll out your yoga mat to find your inner Zen, as more of our favorite studios are closing their actual doors, more teachers are teaching online. I am loving having the opportunity to stream a Zoom Class with some of my favorite yoga teachers, perfect to get your sweat on while enjoying a sense of community!

Check out some of my go-to live studios & teachers:

Yoga at home

3. Netflix Watch Parties

If you’re anything like me, you will love the new Google Chrome extension! Netflix Party lets you chat with friends while watching shows and movies apart from each other. At long last, you can start, stop and pause a Netflix movie or show you watch at the same time as a group of friends and family, without the hard work of trying to synchronize everyone. ("3, 2, 1... play!") There's also a side chat bar where you and your friends can discuss what's going on in the movie -- much like you would if you were sitting together on the couch. The perfect night-in this weekend!

4. Treat yourself to some TLC and ramp up your skincare game

It’s great to stay connected with colleagues and loved ones, but don’t forget about looking after number one!


Now is the perfect time to have those long relaxing baths that you never had time for, actually moisturize your body (don’t worry we are guilty for this too) and give your skin the love it deserves! We love to drown our skin in oils & serums especially after masking! I am loving the Super Greens Detoxifying Clay Mask, enriched with vitamins and antioxidants to detox and replenish skin, plus it’s a great look during a video conference call. 


5. Subscribe to online publications and listen to more podcasts

I’m making sure I take a break each day and read about positive stories still happening around the world. Plus, this is the best time to learn a new skill or trying out a new recipe from your favorite food bloggers!

Many magazines and newspapers are digital and will deliver daily updates directly to your inbox. Podcasts are a great way to keep your mind busy, I love listening to the girls at KIC, Shameless and all of Mamamia’s podcasts – there is something for everyone!

6. Start meditating

Make sure you’re taking time to check in with yourself and disconnect from the noise. Meditating each day is a great way to do this. I love the Head Space App - With 100s of guided meditations and articles, HeadSpace’s goal is to make mindfulness accessible for everyone.

We’d love to hear how you are staying connected, please DM us at @sukinskincare_usa.

Love, Claudia

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