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Top 3 Tips to Celebrate Healthy Skin Month

Top 3 Tips to Celebrate Healthy Skin Month

Holiday Season is around the corner, that means it is time to celebrate and unite with friends & family, enjoy the traditions, and manage your long shopping lists. Exciting, isn’t it? With all this dynamic you might forget to take a good care for your health and skin, but do not get upset, we will not let it happen.

Here at Sukin we are celebrating National Healthy Skin month and we would love to share with you our top tips for wellness and how to achieve healthy skin in 3 easy steps. Beautiful skin requires commitment, and our approach to it is very simple.

#1 Practice Stress-Free Lifestyle Approach

Born from a place of boundless special, we use the simple approach to everything including our skincare. Australians credit a laid-back, nature-loving lifestyle for their glowing skin.

The ‘no worries’ attitude signifies a stress-free approach to life, which is thought to have a positive impact on skin appearance. 

How about taking a virtual trip with us to one of the Australian natural wonders- Roebuck Bay and practicing the minute of mindfulness?

Close your eyes and let the imagination begin. Do not forget about meditation and breathing exercises during your virtual trip. We also advice to practice some of our favourite Australian stress management techniques as focusing on positivity, spending time with friends & family, connecting with nature and enjoying the company of our furry friends.


#2 Maintain a well- balanced diet

For a nourished, healthy skin bursting with Aussie Glow it is crucial to eat right and stay hydrated.

Eat a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

Fruit and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants which protect skin from the cellular damage caused by free radicals. Also make sure to pack in the healthy fatty acids from a variety of sources like nuts and avocados.

At Sukin we use natural ingredients in our product formulations, and we decided to get an inspiration from some of our key ingredients and develop our very own “A- Beauty Glow Mix” smoothie recipe for you. It’s packed with all the goodies for glowing skin and is simply delicious!

Glowing Skin Smoothie Recipe


#3 Find the perfect skin care routine

Just like our nature, our approach to skincare, is simple. Our natural ingredients work to nourish your skin for a truly Australian glow and as a part of global A-Beauty trend Sukin embraces 3 step skin care routines which are powerful, affordable, and stress-free.

Healthy skin becomes possible with our favorite Sensitive range which is perfect for Delicate/Sensitive skin types.

Sukin Sensitive Range features calming Chamomile, Aloe Vera & Cucumber to cool and soothe dry skin. Developed without skin irritating essential oils, this range features a subtle scent of Vanilla.

Here is our guide for healthy skin nighttime regimen under $40 you will fall in love with:

Cleanse with Paraben Free Sensitive Cleansing Lotion $8.99

Purify your skin by removing impurities and excess oils. Cucumber, Chamomile and Aloe Vera soothe and hydrate dry skin.

Banish the imperfections with Pink Clay Facial Mask $14.99 

Australian Pink & Red Clays work perfectly to gently extract impurities and environmental pollutants to leave skin looking radiant and clear.

Moisturize with Sensitive Calming Night Cream $16.99

Finish your A-Beauty regimen with this season must have moisturizer. This Sukin hero will help you achieve better skin texture and appearance with the blend of Rosehip, Borage & Evening Primrose.

Sukin  Naturals Mask

Now that we revealed our simple guidelines you should be all set for this festive season and better skin!

Love, Sukin.

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