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How To Look After Your Skin Over The Holidays

How To Look After Your Skin Over The Holidays

The festive season is well and truly upon us. While we herald the arrival of Christmas carols, time spent with loved ones and New Year’s celebrations, we’re already begun to see the somewhat unfortunate side of the festive season- dry, winter air.

There are very few environmental elements that wreak havoc on the skin quite like the cold. The moisture is sucked from our skin, leaving our once dewy summer complexions looking sallow and feeling tight and dry.

With so much to love about the winter holidays, it only seems fair that we learn to love our skin as well. To keep spirits high this festive season, we’ve compiled this list of easy winter skin hacks to keep your complexion in check all winter long.

What does cold weather do to our skin?

Where the summer air contains a bit of moisture, as is the nature of humidity, the winter chill is dry- and there’s almost no escape from that dryness.

When we step outside into the cool winter air, the moisture our skin is so desperately trying to retain is stripped from us.

Unfortunately, there’s next to no escape from these conditions in the depth of winter. What do we do when we’re feeling the chill? We blast the heater. Artificial heating, however, is just as dry as the winter air, meaning that wherever we go this festive season we’re being exposed to conditions that are quite literally designed to dry out our skin.

The result? Skin that craves hydration. The holiday season can leave our skin feeling dry, tight, itchy and flaky or, alternatively, so devoid of moisture that our body attempts to overcompensate, leading to excess oil production and leaving us with blocked pores.

Do we need to change our skincare with the season?

Your skincare routine does need to change with the season. While you can afford to opt for lighter moisturizers and serums during summer, winter requires a skincare routine centered around hydration. Look for ingredients that not only restore moisture to the skin, but also work to strengthen the skin’s barrier function to ensure that newly restored moisture stays put.

It’s also important to ensure that your skin is in the best possible condition to absorb the aforementioned moisture. Do this by working a gentle exfoliant into your routine to rid the complexion of the dead, dry skin cells that may be blocking your pores, causing your skin to feel flaky and irritated and leaving you with dull, winter skin.

How to look after your skin this winter

When selecting a winter skincare routine, look for products that have been specifically formulated for dry skin. Even if your skin errs towards oily for the majority of the year, it’s important to regularly restore moisture to the skin to ensure your natural oil production levels are balanced.

It’s also worth looking for products that are free from irritants. Dry, flaky skin and a compromised barrier can leave the skin feeling more sensitive than it ordinarily might, so choose natural skincare products that won’t strip the skin and lead to further irritation.

The Sukin Naturals Rosehip collection is rich in pure, natural rosehip oil to deliver both short and long term hydration to dehydrated winter skin. Rosehip oil also works to soothe redness and relieve irritation- perfect for skin left feeling tight and itchy following time spent in cool, dry winter air.