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Winter Holidays: How to enjoy a sustainable holiday period

Winter Holidays: How to enjoy a sustainable holiday period

It’s very easy to indulge during the festive season.

While you may have made gallant efforts to reduce your carbon footprint throughout the year, the holidays see many of us relax into seasonal habits. We make impulse purchases, book last minute trips out of town and insist on entertaining the masses.

All of the above are part of the charm of the festive season, and they add to the fun of the holidays- but they all add to that carbon footprint that we’ve spent so much time trying to shrink. There are so many ways to shop, eat, travel and live sustainably this winter, and it’s surprisingly simple to relax and indulge over the holidays without allowing your habits to be of detriment to the environment.

Adopt a few of our sustainable festive tips this winter and enjoy a merry green holidays!

Buy natural

We’ve all fallen prey to an impulse holiday beauty buy at the checkout stands. These gifts, while exciting on first glance, are likely to end up pushed to the back of the bathroom cabinet only to be rediscovered well past their expiration date. And if they are used? Chances are they’re filled with synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals that will end up on your skin and washed down the drain.

Beauty gifts are universally well received, so spend a little extra time making your selection this Christmas and buy natural. Look for beauty gift sets that have been curated for specific skin needs, as these are the gifts that will be used and loved rather than “saved” for a “special occasion.” The best gift is the one you want to use right away!

Carbon neutral gifting

By spending a little extra time doing some research before heading to the shops, you can ensure you’re gifting sustainably these holidays. Look for brands that are certified “carbon neutral,” meaning they invest in certified projects that offset each carbon emission that the company produces.

Sukin Naturals have been certified carbon neutral for over 10 years, championing the environment and giving back to our planet.

Make considered purchases

As per our philosophy on gift giving, don’t head to the shops these holidays without a game plan.

Hosting Christmas lunch? Been asked to bring a plate? Work out precisely how many people you’re catering for, write a thorough shopping list, and don’t stray from what you’ve written down. It’s easy to be tempted by holiday specials as you comb through the aisles of the market or grocery store, but an impulse buy will lead to increased food waste- waste that ends up as landfill.

Where possible, shop locally. Supporting local businesses and purchasing home grown produce will also help to decrease your carbon footprint this winter.

Travel sustainably

One of the many thrills of the festive season is visiting loved ones far away, but with a holiday comes travel- and with travel comes an increased carbon footprint.

We are very much in favor of a winter trip out of town, and there are ways to do so without dramatically harming the environment.

If you’re traveling by car, be it to a holiday destination or just to Christmas lunch, consider carpooling with a group of friends and family. This will minimize the number of cars on the road this winter and, in turn, limit the carbon emissions you exert.

It’s easy to minimize your carbon emissions when traveling by air, too. Simply check the “Offset Carbon Emissions” box when booking your flight!