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Makeup Artist Isabella Quinn Talks Oil Balancing

Makeup Artist Isabella Quinn Talks Oil Balancing

Melbourne based makeup artist, Isabella Quinn, talks Sukin's Oil Balancing Range.

They're unwanted, unpredictable and hard to tame - BREAKOUTS. Our face is one of the first things we look at when we wake up everyday and these temperamental spots can sometimes take a huge hit to our confidence levels. How do you fix it without making it worse? If you're anything like me and your skin erupts by even catching glimpse of an unfamiliar product then it can be daunting.

After suffering from possibly the worst ongoing breakout in my life which caused way too many meltdowns and tears than I don't like to admit (I'm a little over dramatic - but hey, it's my skin we're dealing with here) I looked for all the little things that were making it worse and one of the main problems was the excess amount of oil my skin was producing. Thankfully SUKIN bought out their new Oil Balancing Charcoal range and it has changed my complexion for the better.

Here's a list of my favorite products from the Sukin range, as well as a few tips that help your skin regimen become even more effective.


This cleanser quickly became my favorite product with its soft scent and black gel consistency. I love the feeling of a freshly washed face and this cleanser gives me the results without the tight uncomfortable feeling that some oil control products do.

HOW TO USE: Gently massage a 10c size amount into skin and wash away with warm water morning and night. Repeat once at night to remove all makeup and dirt from the day.

TIPS: Sometimes I find myself being lazy and just rinsing away the cleanser as soon as I apply the product to my face. Really lather up your skin with the cleanser and gently massage it around your face so your skin can reap all the benefits. Repeat twice at night to remove excess makeup and dirt from the day.


Who doesn't love a good scrub? My skin is always left glowing, smooth and blackhead free after every use. The best part about it is that the creamy consistency feels like its moisturizing my skin at the same time as washing away the impurities from the day.

HOW TO USE: Gently massage a 10c piece into the face starting at the T-zone and gently make your way around the face.

TIPS: Use the scrub every second to third day to avoid over cleansing. Make sure you are gentle around your nose and eyes as this is where you skin is extra sensitive. Over scrubbing can cause broken capillaries. If you ever feel like your hands aren't doing the job, try using a warm, wet face wash to apply to product to your face.

(Image courtesy of Isabella Quinn)


Face masks always feel like such a treat. Especially when your pores are visibly smaller after every use.

HOW TO USE: Apply evenly with your fingers to a freshly cleansed face starting at your t-zone.

TIPS: Instead of washing away the mask straight away, I like to wet my face and gently massage the product into my skin. I then go in with a face washer/hand towel and wash away any excess. Try and avoid using face masks more than once a week (Aim for every week and a half-two weeks). Over using them can cause your skin to overproduce oil, clogging up your pores even more.


Toner is one of the most important steps of any skin routine. It helps close your pores reducing penetration of any impurities throughout the day and night.

HOW TO USE: Gently squeeze a small amount onto a cotton pad and gently blot and wipe your face.

TIPS: Focus on the areas where the pores look bigger and don't forget to be consistent with this step so apply morning and night. The results will be more noticeable.


Moisturizing is a step that I used to avoid. I hate the feeling of heavy, oily products on my face. But SUKIN has nailed this one, the consistency is light and super breathable on the skin. It doesn't leave me looking oily as the day goes on.

HOW TO USE: Pump a 5c piece size onto your hand and gently massage into your fingers warming up the product before applying it to your face.

Start at your t-zone and massage around your face.

TIPS: I always find that less is best when it comes to moisturizer and really massage it into the skin.


Isabella xxx