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Stress and Skin

Stress and Skin

Is your skin clear and healthy?

With all that is happening now, we are all feeling somewhat anxious and uncertain and this can play out through our skin. Our face and body are constant visible monitors of how we are feeling.

When you are stressed regardless of cause the body’s response to stress sets off an inflammatory reaction and spikes cortisol levels, which may trigger concerns on your complexion. Cortisol is needed to activate the body when it is under stress enabling you to get through situations that are known as the fight-or-flight. This inflammation may weaken the barrier function of the skin, causing redness, dullness, flakiness, breakouts, tired eyes, fine lines, and wrinkles and slowing the regeneration process.

During times of stress, when it comes to achieving a healthy-looking complexion it is essential to be gentle and swap for more nurturing options and to bring products packed with skin-loving natural ingredients into a daily routine that deeply nourish, replenish and help calm and protect the skin.

Is your skin radiant and glowing, or is it dull and sallow?

In the morning be consistent with a simple skincare routine apply a moisturizer to lock in moisture and incorporating suncare helps the overall health of skin. SPF should be an essential part of everyone’s skincare routine to help protect skin from damage caused by UVB + UVA rays.

At night-time, although you may not necessary be wearing makeup whilst working from home ensure skin is cleansed, it’s a ritual to wash away the day. Skin replenishes and repairs during our sleep. For deeply nourishing and rejuvenating ingredients massage Certified Organic Rosehip Oil into face even around the eye area and not necessary to apply a moisturizer at night as the oil is occlusive, and for hydration apply a serum the concentrated BioMarine Facial Serum offers a luxurious natural experience to deliver hydration deep into the skin, followed with the Hydrafusion Night Cream features the bio-marine blend of Maize Complex, Hyaluronic Acid and Sea Algae with soothing antioxidants Aloe Vera and VitE, you will see the products do its magic!


Diet, exercise, and sleep also play a part of a healthy complexion. It might seem obvious, drinking water is important, Internal hydration is vital. Eat nutritional food; fruits and vegetables and essential fatty acids to help reduce inflammation and rejuvenate the skin and body. Look for stress-relieving activities, meditation, Yoga, or gentle movement like a walk and take in the fresh air. Quality sleep is also important to reduce stress and help with mental wellbeing, switch off early, and get to bed to have a peaceful night’s sleep.

The key is to restore balance to skin and get it to a healthy state then you can go back to your regular skincare routine.

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